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About The Shop

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"Whether it’s giving your home a  fresh look, customizing a vintage  lamp or repairing a broken  treasure, the answer might be  easier than you think." 

Welcome to The Lamp Shader of Glenview. Owner Jamie Plunkett combines her lifetime of home furnishing, interior design and lighting experience, with Don and Linda Uteg’s legacy of quality, experience and customer services to offer you the best lighting and lamp shade solutions in the city. 


The Lamp Shader proudly offers a comprehensive selection of unique shades, lamps, finials and most importantly, great service. Our store features hundreds of shades and finials to create the perfect look for every lamp, be it contemporary or traditional. Be sure to bring in your lamp to achieve the best fit and look.    


The Lamp Shader also does extensive lamp and chandelier rewiring and is noted for its creativity in turning special family treasures and resale shop finds into unique lamps. 


With a bit of our heart and soul in each light, we are committed to craftsmanship, quality and top-notch customer service. If you are ever in town stop by (hang out) and see what we are about.

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